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5th Generation Inspiring flightpath(AMCA) is expected to hit in 2030.


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5th Generation Inspiring flightpath(AMCA) is expected to hit in 2030.

AMCA or Advance Medium Combat Aircraft is a fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft programmed by an aerospace industry team that is part of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) – who designed LCA Tejas. The strong prototype designing and manufacturing process is led by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). HAL is a fundamental contractor and congregation firm playing a vital role in AMCA fifth generation fighter aircraft.

The aircraft is assembled to perform various roles including air superiority, bombing, strike, ground attack, intercepting and many more. The structure of aircraft includes single-seat, twin-engine and geometric stealth that is a vital factor of multirole fighter aircraft. It can withstand various weather condition. AMCA weights about 22,700 Kgs to 36,000 Kgs with stealth super maneuverable and internal weapon bay. It runs with 1,370 miles per hours India’s indigenous fighter aircraft is estimated to perform its maiden flight in 2032 as per local media reports. 

AMCA and FGFA Programme

AMCA and FGFA programme are two different projects under the sponsorship of HAL. FGFA is a combined project between Russians and HAL. India joint hands with Russia for development of fifth-generation fighter aircraft due to high figures involved in accomplishing the projects. But as per sources, the ambitious project postpones as India need to reconsider the plan of co-development regarding the cost-sharing amount. Last year, the country finalized to slow down the FGFA program and lead ahead with other projects.

AMCA project would be wholly indigenous, as it is made in India and would run on Kaveri Engine. To run this aircraft into reality, the crucial factor is development of Kaveri engine. Also, the plane comprises of three critical technologies, thrust vectoring, supercuts and stealth that are essential for this fifth-generation fighter aircraft. DRDO has initiated the process of basic design configurations for the AMCA project.

Status Of AMCA

India is first time constructing a stealth design, and the challenges could be different. As the country has experience of three decades in mastering fourth-generation technology, the need to focus more on fifth-generation stealth technology.

  • Initially, the delayed deal of Rafael showed impact, to which DRDO and HAL initiated the prototyping of fifth-generation fighter plane lately.
  • The scaled model was exhibited in Aero India 2019 with audio visual effects.
  • DRDO and ADA are expecting the test fly of prototype of by 2020.
  • The production of a jet would be initiated by 2025.
  • Various scientists are leading the project in 20 labs to find solutions for next-generation technology solutions for AMCA.
  • The designing of LCA Tejas is fore fronting in the AMCA project. 
  • Initially, it will be propelled by US Engine GE F414 that delivers the thrust over 90 KN till high thrust engine of 110 KN is settled.
  • It has been expected to construct four prototypes, and the first one would fly before or till 2025.
  • The model would be taken for testing its stealth feature in Hyderabad of Jodhpur Defence Laboratory. This stealth fighter model would be considered for test end of the year.
  • Research and Development of materials, paints, and structures have been approached on various labs.
  • There have been studying performed for flight controls, composite structure, aerodynamics, brakes, hydraulics, and various other functions. 

Final Verdict

India has been achieving its fighter programmes in an inspiring way; scientists are striving to achieve the goals and converting them into reality at a faster pace. AMCA domestic flight carry ambitious features including passive sensors, 360 enhances situation alter, integrated vehicle monitoring, infrared search and track, driverless supersonic intake and many more claiming it be a powerful fighting machine. Although the concept of stealth features and super cruises abilities is new, if the progress were constant, the fighter jet would be expected to touch the skies on its expected date. 

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