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Digital Marketing Transformation That Could Be Expected In Future


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Transformation That Could Be Expected In Future

The internet has provided a huge platform for various entrepreneurs and businessmen to reach a massive number of audiences and promote their business on a much larger scale. Now, as the technology is advancing, all the components of digital marketing such as paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, Public relations, video marketing, and, many others are experiencing an exponential development.

The competition in the market is increasing day by day, that is forcing the business owners to take a new approach and figure out of the unique way to promote their products and service. Here, in this blog, we have discussed the major transformation going in the digital marketing right now and in the coming future. So, let us get started.

The involvement of Artificial Intelligence in SEM

Paid media or better known as search engine marketing is the marketing practice that is basically done in order to generate traffics on the website via performing paid advertisement on search engines. Thus, the marketer needs to pay every time the ad is clicked by any user or when their ads are displayed on any platforms. Well, for this a dedicated team is used to set up to handle all these tasks where they strategize which platform to target where they can maximum traffic for their business. Now, things are changing up where programmatic advertising is being practised where Artificial Intelligence is used that can automatically buy the most potential ad space that has the relevant audience.  It is estimated that till the year 2020, over 85 % of the digital ads will be automated.

Use of Voice optimisation in SEO

Due to the emergence of a virtual assistant like Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, the popularity of voice search is increasing day by day. Users prefer to speak to the device to perform any task rather typing it or doing it manually. Thus, as the consumers are getting adapted more and more to voice assistants, marketers have also started to work with SEO in order to implement strategies that could help them to make their website voice search friendly or can recognise voice search request immediately.  As this technology is improving day by day, it is getting more accurate and there also will be a great rise in the number of users as well. This is why the number of voice searches is increasing dramatically and will be used on a much larger scale in the future.

Content Personalisation

The internet adage “content is the king” wasn’t said like that. No matter what happens content will still play a key role in the marketing of any business, be it a small firm or a full-scale organisation. However, the implementation of personalisation in content marketing is also getting popular and is being practiced by numerous marketers. Because of the advancement in the technology, accessing information and data has become easier so the marketers can easily know about their customers’ preference and can easily personalise the content that would be appealing for the audience. The majority of the markets believe that personalising the content helps in building a relationship with the audience which is exactly what every business hope to achieve. Today, more and more business are using video as an important tool for digital marketing.

The automation of Influence marketing

Today, where billions of people are active on the internet, influence marketing plays a great role in promoting the brands or business. Nowadays, most of the people check online reviews or go through social media posts before buying anything. Therefore, getting positive information or feedback can help you gain a large number of customers for your business. Now, the most important thing that matter here is to choose a reliable and reputed influencer who has the credibility to appeal to the audience why they should switch to your service or take your products. However, businesses faced many challenges earlier in finding a suitable person who could perform influence marketing, but things have changed after the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.  Today, AI is collecting the vast data available and is able to select the most ideal influencer, which in itself is marvellous.

The popularity of Chatbots  in online businesses

Yes, chatbots that might seem to be a pretty obvious feature but is still one aspect that is considered to be an important part of digital marketing. Chatbots are completely an AI technology product where the user can easily get any queries cleared for 24*7 without any hassle or inconvenience. This amazing tool is playing a great role in providing quality customer service and helping them during the exact time when it is needed.

Wrapping up, with all the points mentioned above, it can be clearly deduced that technology is the main contributing factor in transforming digital marketing. Smarter use of data, use of AI, the involvement of virtual assistants and others are making it easy for the businesses to connect with their customers. In case, you have to purchase any software or product, you do not need to disturb your monthly budget. Explore the lending marketplace and find out the lender providing loans for people on benefits that can be applied without a guarantor.

Now the ball is in your court…

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