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November 16, 2019

by Rahulsingh

Entrepreneurs have to perform various tasks to do their business into a brand. And for that, they use multiple techniques like expands the marketing efforts, focus on customer demands, update the business strategy and many more.  

No doubt, each step has its significance. But according to data despite performing these ideas, businessmen are not able to earn a good income. It means you should know a unique way that can help you to build a brand. 

Now, let us tell you the most common but yet a unique way to get triumph the business and that is.


Do you know what franchising means? 

It is a technique that helps businesses to enlarge both nationally and internationally, strengthen the brand and reach of a company. But it can be only possible if it is done well. 

It is the reason franchising the business is so much popular in the UK. 

Let’s have a look at the stats…

  • The franchise industry has contributed more than £16 billion to the UK economy. 
  • Franchise owned business has risen by 15%, and now more than 44000 firms are running. 

You can sense how effective franchising the business is. There are a few disadvantages too, but first, we will learn about the advantages. 

Advantages of franchising the business

We have covered a few significant benefits of franchising the business. You can read them below:

  • Great way to find talented people
  • Require less investment 
  • Diminish the risk 
  • Increase the profit fast 

Great way to find talented people 

It is a fact that most qualified and skilled people want to serve their company’s growth without considering the salary or incentive. But this is only possible if you have a brand, the reason is simple, and that is everyone wants to work with a well-established company. 

It is what you can achieve with the franchise. It will attract many talented people and will help you to choose the best one. 

Require less investment 

The franchisee is another way to get funds. Famous franchiser provider funds and capital to run the company and not only this firm can use resources too. Though, you can use some other funding options also to grow the business fast. 

If you have saved money, then it is ok otherwise you can choose some borrowing methods like a loan. But the most common question asked by the unemployed people who want to run the business is 

Can I get a loan without a job?

If this same question bothers you, then let us provide you with the best solution. You may get assistance to some extent with loans for the unemployed people. It is specially designed for jobless people who need funds. With borrowed money, you can generate more profit and can turn your ordinary business into a brand. 

Diminish the risk  

Running a business is full of uncertainty. No one knows the future of the company. There are two possibilities that your start-up will be going to generate large revenue or all your efforts go in vain. 

But with franchisee technique, the possibility of failure reduces and chances of growth increases. If you do not want to take the risk, then this may be an ideal choice. 

Increase the profit fast 

There are three steps to generate good revenue

  • Start a company
  • Promotion
  • Fulfil consumer’s demand 

Once you complete these steps only then, people will identify your company. It shows that it will take a long time. But with authorization, you can easily earn money fast. 

Now, let’s talk about some disadvantages 

The disadvantage of the franchisee

We have shown three significant cons that you may have to face following this technique. 

Legal trouble 

You must have different goal and franchiser have distinct too. It is the reason which may lead you to several conflicts. And going against them may ruin your business. Franchisers earn money through the outlet’s profit and if you do not satisfy their needs, and then they may withdraw their name. 

Decrease your profit potential  

For as long as your business connects to the third party. You have to pay them a certain amount of fees. The duration may change, but in maximum case, it is a monthly payment. 

Pay fees for advertising

Franchisees have to pay for advertisement and promotion. That may lead you to several additional expenses. 

You can see that getting help with the franchise have both benefits as well as disadvantage. Though, the maximum portion is covered with benefits. But before choosing this path, you have to detailed study about it and consider both the aspects. 

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