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How to know if my iPhone 11 is unlocked or not?

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How to know if my iPhone 11 is unlocked or not?

When you want a new phone if must verify that if the phone locked or unlocked. As you buy the unlock carrier it will not work with carriers except one. But the thing is if you buy the unlocked phone you need to give a less price. Yes, unlocked will charge more as compared to the locked one.

You can now buy a locked phone and look for the unlocking companies for a few bucks to use restriction less phone. In order to know about a phone, you cannot just look at it and tell it about whether it is locked or not.

There is a process that you need to follow in order to recognize you can use different carrier operators or not. If you know your phone is locked and looking to unlock Apple iPhone 11 then here in this article, you will find all the safe and best methods to use an unlocked phone.

How to check your mobile locked status?

  • You can check the unlock and locked status of your phone by testing your phone with different SIM cards.
  • The SIM card must be of a different operator that is other than the carrier operator you are currently using on your phone.
  • All you need is switch off your phone-insert SIM. After inserting the SIM, if the unlocking message displays or your phone does not respond with the new SIM. it is clear that your phone requires an unlocking process.

How Apple iPhone 11 is unlocked?

The locked phone is locked by software code that is put by the manufacturers. They normally lock your phone to make sure you use a particular mobile carrier. But don’t worry now you can unlock your Apple iPhone 11 online without any extra efforts from your end.

Carrier locks are basically done on the basis of a contract like when you agree to buy an iPhone at less price, you agree to a specific term contract of the company.

Why unlocking of an Apple iPhone 11 matters?

Once your phone is unlocked, you can use your Apple iPhone 11 with any mobile carrier of your choice.  Your phone will be like normal phones and you don’t have the restrictions to use the phone with a single network operator, which is the foremost benefit.

The other benefit is that if you are planning to sell the phone, bu unlocking the resell value of the phone will increase. That is why you must go for this vital unlocking option. If you don’t want to buy locked for then carefully look for unlocked Apple iPhone 11.

How to look for unlocking code for your Apple iPhone 11?

  • Call carrier for help:

If you are looking to unlock Apple iPhone 11, you can contact the carriers operators and ask support to unlock your device.

If the device meets the unlocking requirements or ae obligated by law to unlock the device then they can help you with unlocking your mobile device. Otherwise, you have to look for the other unlocking options.

The best is you can look for the unlocking companies online and buy unlock code from them.

IMEI SIM Unlock Process:

  • Look for the unlocking companies online. Look for the one that you can trust. You can take reviews from your friends, family or online.
  • Check the companies website and look for all the instructions that are required from your end given by unlocking companies to unlock Apple iPhone 11.
  • The companies website includes instructions like 15 digits unique IMEI number of your iPhone 11 that you can find by dialing *#06# on your iPhone.
  • You also need to send other information like the current network operator and the current country in which you are living, which means a country in which you are a permanent residence.

Before sending all these instructions, you must make sure to send the right email-id of yours as it will be the one in which you will receive your 8 or 16 digits unlock code along with the unlocking guidelines.

Process After Receiving Unlock Code:

  • Firstly, just switch off your iPhone 11.
  • Then eject the SIM card you are using.
  • Now insert the new SIM card that is of different carrier operators.
  • Once you will insert the SIM the message displays on your phone screen i.e “Enter unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code.”
  • Once you enter the code received in the mail, your iPhone 11 will get unlocked permanently.
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