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Manage Posts Mass Post Editor For Tumblr

mass post Editor

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Manage Posts Mass Post Editor For Tumblr

Social media becomes a powerful tool for small, medium or large businesses. The user base in the UK is more than 45 million that represents almost 68% of the entire population. 

The above data shows that if your business is not social media optimise, and then selling products may be challenging. To promote the product, you have to post content popularly and carefully. If you don’t know how to do it, stick to this blog. 

We have shown some popular social media sites such as: 

  • Tumblr 
  • Twitter 
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer 

Let’s understand how you can manage the post on them

Mass Post Editor For Tumblr

Managing many posts gather all these years, is not an easy task. Here, the mass post editor comes to rescue you. If you don’t know what it is, then let’s understand it in a nutshell. 

Mass Post Editor: It is a special function available on Tumblr from where you can do several tasks like: 

  • Published post 
  • Adding the content 
  • Edit the post and deletion too

It is an amazing way to manage different post without visiting them one by one. But here you must have an idea about how to use it. Once you learn it, you will supervise all the post without putting yourself into a messy situation. 

 Let’s go through the basics of how you can use it and apply it to your business…

Step #1: Open the Mass Post Editor 

 You have to log into your account and you can see the sidebar. Once you click the sidebar, there will be the various options like following, activity and one among them would be MASS POST EDITOR. 

Step #2: Mega editor 

After preceding the first step you will see an option name ‘Mega Editor’. Here, you may find difficult to find the secondary blog. Now, there is an alternative that you can do to find the blog. This method is applicable for mobile users too. 

In this, you have to change Tumblr’s URL. It may vary from device to device. We have covered all three devices whether it is desktop, android, and iOS. 


  • Open Tumblr’s dashboard and select settings 
  • Select the blog (mentioned below the box)
  • Click on the pen shape icon (shown side of the blog name)
  • Insert your own URL into the field next to the username 


  1. Open the dashboard 
  • Scroll down the menu and select the blog 
  • Click the setting options and change the URL 
  • Insert your own URL 


  1. Open Tumblr’s Dashboard 
  • Press the account icon 
  • Go for the gear-shaped setting and then click on the change the Username options. 

These are the steps that you can use to change the URL and find the secondary blog. In case, you need to recover the old URL, then you can do it because you will get the 24 hour time to recall it. 

How Does Mass Post Editor Work?

After performing all the steps, now you can see that mass post editor has put the thumbnail format. In this, you can make the list according to the days and months. Choose any of them as per your need. 

It will show the thumbnail that will help you to identify the type of content. If you still find it confusing, you can do double click and check it. Hold it for a long time and you will see various options like edit, delete, tags and many more. 

Manage Posts on Twitter

Twitter has more than 13.7 million. The editing and deletion of twits are easy as compare to Tumblr. Here, we have shared the steps through which you can manage your post. 

First, we have covered “how you can manage twits after the publication” 

Easy steps to edit the Twits

Like Facebook, you will not able to edit by scrolling down the setting options. Twitter has not such options; you can either delete the post or re-upload it. 

Let’s have a look at the steps that how you can delete and post a new post.

Deletion of Post

Step#1: Login to your account 

Step#2: Go to the tweet stream 

Step#3: Click the arrow located to the right

Step#4: Bring up a drop-down menu of actions 

Step#5: And press the delete options 

Post the revised one

Step #1: Login to your account 

Step #2: Press the icon of the tweet stream 

Step #3: Select the tweet and highlight it 

Step #4: For copy the content (press Ctrl+C) 

Step #5: Paste (Ctrl+V) the copied content on the “WHAT IS HAPPENING” bar

Step #6: Make the necessary changes and press on the tweet options

Handle Content on Hootsuite

It is a popular social media management platform. And its interface takes the form of a dashboard. It supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Google+. 

To post content first you have to create an account and choose the plan such as:

  • Professional: £14 per month 
  • Team: £70.38 per month 
  • Business: £480.87 per month 
  • Enterprise: You may have to contact the provider because the price varies according to your needs. 

The last three are, especially for the teams. And it plays an important role if you are running a business.

The paid version has many additional features that can help you to manage the post in a much better way. You can see price is not high. For it, you can break the savings or you can go for some borrowing methods like loans for bad credit. You can approach online lenders in the UK to have an instant funding access.

Steps to manage the post

First of all, you have to add the social media networks (Select the stream and add social media) 

Now, for publishing the post…

Choose the new post options available in the top-right corner of the dashboard. If you want to delete the post, follow the below-mentioned points. 

  • Tap steams 
  • Choose the navigate options for tweets, posts or video streams 
  • Select the three-dot options and delete the post 

Administer Post on Buffer

Here, you can learn how to schedule the post on Buffer.

Step #1: Login to the Buffer account 

Step #2: Choose the social media account (It will show the browser to displays your upcoming posts)

Step #3: Select the type of messages you want to share 

Step #4: For sharing multiple posts, go for the ‘Create Group’ icon

Step #5: Now, press the add the queue button 

It may be a tricky one but if you are creating and scheduling a large number of post. You should write up all the post on the spreadsheet. You will feel facilitated to copy and paste the final post on the Buffer. 

This is how you can manage the post on these top social media management platform. Follow the steps and learn how you can post, edit and delete the content from Tumblr, Twitter, Hootsuite, and buffer. 

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