September 15, 2020

by Rahulsingh

Michael built a high-quality ad with an excellent keyword list. He’s disappointed the ad isn’t being shown as much as he’d like. What’s a likely reason for his ad not being frequently displayed?

  • Users may be misspelling his keywords.
  • He hasn’t supplied a link for the ad.
  • He has too much information listed in his ad extensions.
  • His bid for the ad is too low.

Correct Answer is: “Bid for the ad is too low.”

In Case you are ads are not showing even after building high Quality ads with an excellent keywords list and you are disappointed that your ad is not showing by Google. Then the lower bid is the reason of you is getting low clicks and conversion. The three main aspects of grabbing top position is CTR, Ad relevancy and landing page you cannot ignore anyone of them. CTR comes with higher bidding.

So increasing bid can make your ad more visible. Always bid for first rank

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