How To Switch To Dark mode in Snapchat

Dark Mode is getting Popularity now these days. From Facebook, Twitter Reddit, Snapchat and Other social networking and messaging sites have option to switch dark mode in their app. Somehow  dark mode reduce eye strain and it reduce battery consumption with  OLED or AMOLED displays.

The Apps don’t come with Dark mode continuously emits harsh blue light from screen and make it problematic for user to use it for long. Dark mode makes it more comfortable to use apps in low light with less eye strain.

SnapChat Dark Mode(Night Mode)

There could be reasons for not Introducing dark mode also called night mode for its worldwide Snapchat users. We are sure that Snapchat will introduce in-built dark mode theme earlier or later for its users in their coming updates. Till then it’s up to the users to customize Snapchat interface according to their preferences using hacks.

SnapChat –Intro

 Snap chat is one of the most prevalent social media application where you can share multimedia files (audio, video etc.). Snapchat was launched in 2011 from there this application come into vogue as teenagers start using this app world-wide.   In USA 53% of Snapchat users are aged 15-25. In third Quarter 2020 the daily user base of Snapchat has reached to 249 Million.  (Stast from: )

How to activate Snapchat Dark mode in iPhone and iOS devices

In order to active Night mode in Iphone/ipad for Snapchat  you have to use a software called nightmare. Nightmare application released few years back for Iphone user so that they can activate dark mode in their iphone/ipad. In order to download this application you have to jailbreak your device.


  • Open Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Cydia application use to jailbreak your device link: click here
  • After opening Cydia Install ifile on the device.
  • You will have to download the necessary Nightmare package available online.
  • Go to open in and select ifile.
  • You can extract the nightmare package by clicking on the installer.
  • This will take some time and install Nightmare On your iPhone.
  • Now I have to restart springboard for it to take effect.

Note:  Snapchat generally spots the jail broken devices and stop working on them. But the nightmare application can dodge the Snapchat  jailbreak detection that’s why we have suggested Nigthmare application for jailbreak your device . In case your device is in warranty avoid jailbreak because jailbreak will result in lapse of your device warranty

Alternative To Jailbreak Your IOS Device

  • Open settings and click on general.
  • In the general menu, tap on accessibility.
  • Going to display accommodations, click on invert colors

This Setting will turn your iphone interface into dark color but don’t mistake with Iphone newly launched IOS 13 dark mode.  This setting can look very odd to you because it is completely different setting. It’s complete depend on your own interest.

How to activate Snapchat Dark  For Android Devices

SnapChat is the application that will remain in its original color although your entire OS (operating system) change into the night mode. Therefore you need specific apps to enjoy Snapchat in dark mode Nightmare for IOS and substratum app for android users. Steps to activate Snapchat dark mode is given below follow the steps and enjoy.

You should know:  To download something that is not on Google Play store you have to enable unknown sources in your android device.

  • Open settings, go to security.
  • Scroll down until you find unknown sources and enable it.
  • Download the substratum app from the website and install it.
  • You will be asked to several permissions before the app gets installed, grant them.
  • Open the substratum app and select the team that you want to use.
  • Need to select your device and change then choose the app that you want to use dark mode and then install.

Substratum App Comes with two theme options For Snapchat app

  • Black Swift
  • Swift dark

Conclusion: Snapchat being a popular should take care of its users interests and introduce an in-built dark mode  feature to their app. There are many rumours are roaming around that Snapchat is testing dark mode feature but the truth is in shadow. So for now you can use these hacks to alter your Snapchat theme by yourself.  

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