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Is Technical Background Necessary For Starting a Tech Startup? Find Out Now

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Is Technical Background Necessary For Starting a Tech Startup? Find Out Now

It is a general perception that to start a technology-based startup, one needs to be from a technical background. Also, it is believed that the chance of success increases many folds if you build on something which you already know. Is it the only way to get success? Of course, no! The technical part of any startup is just a small part that will make your business successful. There are many other things which you need to take into account apart from the technical part.

Many founders such as Jack Ma of Alibaba, Joe Gebbia of Airbnb, Larry Ellison of Oracle, etc have falsified the stereotype behind tech startups. They all are from a non-technical background and have built world-class company. So, if you are not from a technical background and don’t know anything about coding, there is hope for you. There are many people who have done it.

So, if you have a dream of starting your own tech company, you should know what the journey entails. We are going to discuss it in this article.


It is one of the essential requirements for any startup- no matter it is technical or non-technical. If you don’t have sufficient money to sustain day to day business operations, then you cannot run a business successfully.

Nowadays there are various options for getting funding for a startup such as help from the government, venture capitalist, crowdfunding, etc. You can also take help from private lenders. There are many online private direct lenders in the UK who provide support to early-stage startups. British People can take funds from British Lenders in London (UK).

Outsourcing or in House Product Development?

The first thing which comes in mind is whether to outsource product development or hire a developer for it. It is always a better practice to outsource the first version of your product, and once your product fit your idea and meets customers’ requirement, you can hire in house developers.

Though there are many advantages of having in house developers such as adding new features to your product, the cost is very high.

But there is a middle way here. You can hire developers on contract. This way you don’t have to worry about the benefits which you need to provide to a regular developer. Further, if your first product doesn’t go well, you don’t have to fire anyone. With this model, you will have a team of your own developers who will work exclusively on your product.  

Knowledge of a Bit of Coding Can be Helpful

It is really difficult to understand the technical complexity of your product if you don’t know anything about coding. Though that is not necessary because your developers are doing their part, it definitely helps to understand the concept when you discuss the product with your developers.

Hence, if you are looking for ways to get some insights into programming and coding, then you can learn through online courses. There are many online channels available. You can start from the basics and fundamental concepts of programming.

In House Developer is Required After Initial Phase

When your product is ready and your startup gets off the ground, it becomes necessary to have in house developer who can take your product ahead.

From time to time, you may face technical glitches in your product; in that case in house developers can be very helpful. In the future, you might have to develop a new product; in that case, as well these developers can come handy.

Look For a Technical Co-founder

At some point in your entrepreneurship journey, you need someone with technical skills who can either build a new version of the product or can handle product management.

Finding a technical co-founder is not a difficult task. You can search on different platforms such as LinkedIn. You can conduct interviews or go to different colleges and hire some fresh talents who are technically sound. With a technically sound co-founder, it can be easy for you to gather funds from venture capitalist as they only invest in those companies which are backed by a strong technical team.

Bootstrapping Really Helps

A great way to start a tech startup is to build the product while working and earning. When you start from small, you can focus on all areas of your product. Once your product is ready, you can release its beta version and get the response of the market and customers. This way you can validate your product and idea both.

If the response of the market and customer is not satisfactory, then you can make some changes in your product and re-launch it again. This way you will not have to bear much loss.

The Bottom-line

Overall it can be said that starting a business if you are from a non-tech background is not as difficult as thought by many. If you follow all the steps that we have discusses above, you can get some clarity about it. From arranging funds to developing a product, all can be achieved very easily. Furthermore, you need to do proper marketing and advertisement of your product. Unless you know your market and customers very well, you cannot become successful in your endeavor.

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