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Redesigning a website can be very hard and it can also very risky. But sometimes it is the need of the hour and you need to redesign for a whole host of reasons. Redesigning a website can be very hard and it can also very risky. Some of the reasons can be the poor performance of your website on SERPs and or the fact that it may be taking ages to load, forcing your visitors to go for faster-loading websites. Here are 10 things you need to do before redesigning your website and all of them have been enlisted underneath:-

1. Purpose – As with most things in life, you need a strong purpose when it comes to redesigning your website. The purpose will keep you on the right track moving forward and keep you honest in your intentions. The redesigning of your website should proceed in a way that does not interfere with the purpose and scope of your website that already exists. It should add to it and not take anything away from it. Redesigning is a tricky terrain and needs to be handled very cautiously and has been dealt with further in the points that follow. 

2. Timeline – Redesigning a website takes an awful amount of time and the entire period can easily take several months. For some, it takes way more than a year, so it would be prudent to develop a timeline with the transition is seamless and effortless. Before setting out to redesign the website, you should share the timeline that you have planned with the important departments in your company so that everyone is aware of the amount of time that it will take for all the changes to eventually place so that they can work accordingly for the seamless functioning of the business in all aspects.

3. Baseline Metrics – Using these metrics, one is easily able to compare the current state of their website to the new website, before any changes are made, so that you can calculate modifications a lot more effectively. You can choose from an abundance of tools on the Internet that will easily provide you with metrics integral to your performance like customer engagement and loyalty. Among these tools, Google Analytics is indisputably the best but there also other tools like SEMrush that you can use.


4. Testing Pages – You need to test your new pages with a small group of your customers just to make sure which features they like more than the others, and which they hate. This is undoubtedly the best way possible to bring in new changes which will also give you enough time to change things that aren’t working out with your vision. Before publishing the new site, it is very advisable to test your web pages across different browsers and devices.

5. Navigation – If you are redesigning your framework it also means that you will also have to redesign the navigation. This is the part, where you have to exercise due diligence and try to make a few changes as possible. It is tricky terrain and you need to approach this very cautiously as it can lead to a loss of confusion for users who are going through your website.

6. Content Management – Just like the name suggests, it entails managing the content that is on your website by getting rid of the redundant ones and improving the existing features or adding new and better features. This is a very risky and tricky terrain and again needs to be done very cautiously to minimize the confusion that can be caused to your audience. So, only delete completely redundant content and add useful content. 

7. Edit capability – Aim for redesigning and make it achievable. Your web editor will have to make the changes and the end of the day and you shouldn’t decide on anything difficult to achieve. You may have a great design plan but don’t expect it to deliver the results until and unless you have a capable web editor with requisite skill enough to get the job done with utmost satisfaction. 

 8. Know your Audience – During redesigning you should always make it a point to know beyond all doubt just how you are going to be targeting . What works for one demographic isn’t likely to work for the other demographic. The older demographic will not be as internet savvy as the Millenials and every demographic should be approached accordingly. You need to be sure of which demographic you are targetting because trying to do everything at the same time means that you may end up doing nothing at all. You need to craft your content per the preferences of your target audience, and most importantly your optimization strategies 

9. SEO – The new design whatever it is that you have planned should add to the SEO work that you have already done on your page and not take anything away from it. The new design should complement the SEO plans already existing on your page and add to increasing their effectiveness instead of reacting in a way that drops your rankings. The best SEO help can be hired to make sure beyond all doubt that the new redesign and the change from your current existing site to the one that you have planned are successful and doesn’t hamper your search engine rankings. 

10. Special Offer – After the redesign has been done and the new changes have kicked in, you need to launch your website with some sort of an offer that really gets the attention of your visitors. Your website is likely to look a little different to the visitors upon redesigning and you need to sell to your visitors the idea that there’s more to the website than just a new design. Change always intrigues people and you can use the same to your benefit by coming up with offers that can push sales. Something likely to get your company more traction and visibility won’t ever go wrong and it can be anything from discounted rates to complimentary products. The same can be advertised to its full effect by you on all your social media pages so that more people notice the offers and you can get more visibility and hence make more sales.

Wrapping Up

There are many reasons to redesign websites for this you must take web design services . From a reputed company. And most of them can be justified per what you’re trying to get out of the chances that you are trying to make. Whatever be your purpose, always keep in mind the overall user experience and the functionality of your website. In a time when the Internet is constantly evolving in all forms, it is imperative for you to keep making appropriate changes or you’ll run the risk of falling behind your competitors. Sometimes playing it too safe is not safe at all. 

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