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Top 7 Best-selling Electric Vehicle in USA

Top 7 Best-selling Electric Vehicle in USA


Top 7 Best-selling Electric Vehicle in USA

The market of electric vehicles has gone up exponentially in the last year or so across the globe, especially in the US. The leading reason for this new interest in electric vehicles of the public is a concern for the environment and how it is affected by the hordes of gases emitted by road transport.

Best-selling electric vehicles in the US

Tesla Model X

An all-electronic SUV, Tesla Model X is a medium-sized popular choice when it comes to electronic vehicles in the US. With its unique falcon-wing doors and spacious cabin, this electric vehicle is a comfortable choice for long drives.

Jaguar I-Pace

Also an SUV, Jaguar’s new first ever all-electronic performance vehicle is a pure BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). This all-electric Jaguar SUV comes with its recent trademark sloping bonnet and sleek LED headlamps. Other facilities provided by this model include three 12V cellphone charging sockets, six US ports, and one HDMI/HML port.

Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated

The only electric bus to make it into this list as per Racecar Engineering Magazine, this Volvo electric bus by Volvo, a leading electric bus manufacturer of USA, is an all-electric articulated bus that comes with efficiency for quiet and emission-free operations.

Chevrolet Spark EV

The Chevrolet Spark EV is GM’s first all-electric vehicle in over a decade. First released in selected US states for sale in 2013, this all-electric vehicle is known for packing a large amount of power in its distinctly smaller frame.

Ford Focus Electric

This five-door hatchback electric car is Ford’s second all-electric vehicle. The Ford Focus Electric has won several awards for its low consumption of fuel, including the 2011 Green Car Vision Award at the 2011 Washington Auto Show.

Mercedes Benz B-Class

The Mercedes Benz B-Class, considered as a small MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), is a four-door compact electric hatchback and is the perfect choice for drivers who prefer a more stylish and comfortable interior coupled with good acceleration.

Emoss MB14

Belonging to the range of low-emission minibusses by Emoss, the Emoss MB14 is the only small electric bus in this list. The Emoss MB14 has a low floor and a total passenger capacity of 15.

Climate change is an undeniable phenomenon at this point and coupled with the ever-increasing price of fuels, choosing an electric vehicle for a personal as well public mode of transportation is not only extremely economical but also environment friendly, and reduces the carbon footprint of public and personal transport. With Motor Trend Magazine subscription keep up with the most economically-viable option when it comes to choosing your next environment-friendly mode of transport!

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