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Top 15 Websites to Watch Movies Free Online.

15 Best Watch 5S Alternative - Top Sites to Watch Movies

Watch Movies online

Top 15 Websites to Watch Movies Free Online.

These days watching movies and TV shows has become one of the essential sources of entertainment in somebody’s lives. Watch 5S is a free website for watching movies and TV series online. What makes this site distinct is that it gives its users an option for saving the films and TV series on your mobile or computer so, one can become hassle-free with the internet connection. Also, Watch 5S advertisements rarely occur, and the site keeps on updating lots of new features and tools that make it the top choice for uninterrupted enjoyable viewing.

One of the top-notch facts about Watch 5S is that it offers news about actors and movies so one can easily take a preview of the film before watching. It also provides an IMDB rating system for filtering and sorting the method. With that, Watch 5S also offers a list of categories from which users can choose names or titles they want to access or request the same if the desired file not found on the website. Watch 5S exclusive index and quality content of movies, and TV shows make it a one-stop solution for the people who want to entertain themselves online.

However, at times, users do not like its user interface or website gets inaccessible due to various reasons. For these instances, you can watch movies and TV series from other similar sites like Watch 5S that offer the same exclusive index and quality content. So, if you are gazing for the best Watch 5S alternatives, then you are in the right place. Below are the 15 best sites to watch movies online free like Watch 5S. !!KEEP SCROLLING!!


Solar movie is one of the best alternatives to watch 5S among all the websites listed here. This site keeps on offering new movies and TV series to watch for free without signup. Also, from its homepage, you can see all these contents distributed in various categories such as TV series, genres, top IMDB, countries, etc.  

This great site comes in handy to those people who are interested in watching movies based on categories like fantasy, history, drama, or animation. Furthermore, you can also see the trailers and read additional information related to any movie or show based on a one-click streaming service. Its selection isn’t too different from those that are available at Watch 5S.


One of the devices that made in the list of sites similar to Watch 5S is Putlocker9 online. The magnificent collection of movies and TV shows ranging from old to new is good enough for movie lovers. It offers an excellent service for streaming, getting the information about the film, and downloading them without any subscription or any cost.

The UI of the website is straightforward, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Watch 5S as it makes it easy for the users to get their desired movie within few clicks. So if you like the UI experience of the site, then surely Putlocker9 is your one-stop solution for free movies and TV shows.


Another excellent movie streaming site considered as Watch 5S replacement is XMovies8. With this website, you can easily watch all the top-trending movies and TV series of the year. The interface of the site is quite magnificent, where users can watch thousands of videos and mostly in the highest possible quality.

It offers all its contents at a secure and smooth platform so you can watch the contents without any interruption at all. The thing that makes XMovies8 one of the best alternatives of Watch 5S is that it provides a direct link to the TV shows. So, if you want to keep updated with the film, you must try this site.


YifyMovies is one of the best Watch 5S alternatives where you can watch HD movies and TV series without installing anything on your PC for free. Just like the other sites, you only need a web browser and an internet connection to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Though the service at YifyMovies is free and you can start watching without signing up, you cannot avoid advertisements on the website before watching. However, once the ads get finished, you can access the best quality video content across Sci-fi, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, and others. At YifyMovies, you can also download movies and TV shows and watch them later.


Believe it or not, YesMovies is one fantastic website similar to Watch 5S that provides pure satisfaction for streaming movies and TV series at the highest quality for free. The navigation of the site and UI feel premium with interesting content across news, movies, TV shows, and various genres. The site server runs on ads, so streaming movies and TV shows can be annoying sometimes.

Users can search for movies easily using its advanced search tool and can filter and sort the videos by most-watched, most favorite, features, latest, and ratings. So, if you want a permanent solution for everything related to cinema and TV shows, then you can quickly look forward to YesMovies for regular usage.


When it comes to online streaming movies and TV series, Cinebloom has the finest top-rated selection for any movie lovers. Every trending TV shows and movies are free. The feature that makes Cinebloom one of the best watch 5S alternatives is that you can easily share the recently viewed movies and TV shows on your social media account.

However, before streaming movies on the home page, you need to fill the captcha first for security purposes. But once done, it will let you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows online. Other than this, no signup is required to enjoy services on this website.


Moonline is a movie site that offers similar content as looking for the best Watch 5S alternative. Just like the other movie sharing sites, it also allows you to search or browse the categories, sorting and filtering the films and TV series as per your need. Moonline also includes core features such as Replay Video Capture, where the user can capture and convert any movie which already streamed.

At Moonline, you can watch movies and TV shows by directly clicking on the different genres like Horror, Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, and much more. Give Moonline a try: you will be astonished by all the things in this complete streaming site.


Tubi tv is one of the great alternatives to Watch 5S, which allows you to watch full-length HD movies and TV shows. Unlike most of the leading sites, TubiTv also has a vast collection of best movies and consists of various genres like Romance, Superhero, War, Action, Adventure, and Sci-Fi. Each kind has its film and TV show with daily updates to deliver the latest trends.

TubiTv offers multiple search bar sections where you can get all the trending, new releases, and top-rated movies. Users also get the request section where you can place a request for your favorite TV show or movie in case of unavailability. It also includes core features such as simple dark interface, IMDB rating, recommendation, etc.


123MoviesHub is one of the best Watch5S alternative movie streaming sites that have all kinds of films and TV series for you. It does not offer many navigation options. Just only three bars options of Actors, Movies, and TV series so that the visitors don’t face any difficulty while exploring its movie database.

The online movie portal of the 123MoviesHub has an excellent user interface and the user experience, which anyone can access from any platform. Moreover, 123MoviesHub has a world’s most extensive movie collection, with about 1 million visitors per month. Try it out; it is merely the best option when it comes to watching and enjoying the comprehensive solution for all kinds of movie lovers.


Rainierland is one of the best alternative Watch 5S free movie sites because it allows you to watch all classic to the latest video in highest-quality and most of it in high definition. The platform has an extensive collection of the world’s best movies, which divided into the number of genres, such as Romance, Family, Thriller, Action, Adventure, etc.

However, at Rainierland, one needs to get rid of the ads to start enjoying the movie, but the common feature makes the site one of the best options to watch unlimited videos without paying a penny. Overall, Rainierland is genuinely the best Watch5S alternative, and it has proven to be for many years now.


Vidics is simply an excellent platform for watching the latest movies and TV series online to providing movie information for free. The website is a provider of high-quality films, but due to the server slow internet connection, the problem of buffering and loading arises, which sometimes becomes irritating to the user.

Other than this, the best about Vidics that made the site one of the best Watch 5S alternatives is its very user-friendly interface for exploring the movies, TV shows, news, genres, etc. The site also includes a prominent feature such as Top and Schedule clauses. In the schedule section, users get the timing and release date of movies and TV shows, while in Top part, it provides top films, top news, and top TV shows.


If you are looking for a best Watch 5S alternative website

Where you can watch your favorite movies without any registration, then we have a widely known streaming website named Popcornflix for you that will allow you to watch movies and TV shows for free. The interface of the site is straightforward and necessary as it can be.

There are three main sections on the home page where you can watch and enjoy movies, TV shows, and Viral Videos trending on the internet. Other than this, it has a search bar at the top of the website so that you can search the required movie just by typing the name rather than looking it in the database.


LosMovies is another best watch 5S alternative that allows you to browse, stream, and download unlimited HD movies and TV shows for free. The site contains all the critical services with well-customized and updated features and a clean and straightforward user interface that make it more exciting and enjoyable.

The site also includes prominent features where you can easily explore all types of movies under genres like a superhero, war, action, adventure, romance, and many more. Other than this, it also describes each film with ratings and reviews. Overall, LosMovies is a great streaming site compared to others.


Movie2k is one of the best alternatives to Watch 5S and offers lots of new features and tools such as movies, TV series, genres, countries, years, featured, top IMDB, A-Z list, and request. Other than this, it also has a search option where you can quickly discover your favorite movie and start enjoying it.

With all these top-notch features, it also offers a hassle-free environment where you can watch all your movies and TV shows without any ad-break. Try it out. You will love the fantastic experience of streaming movies and TV shows online via Movie2K.


Among all the websites listed here, Vumoo is also one of the best Watch 5S alternatives where you can enjoy movies and TV shows from its fantastic database, which kept on updated frequently. Vumoo provides a similar user interface to that of Netflix, which makes the site very popular among its users.

The best about Vumoo is that it regularly updates its website so that the users can enjoy all the latest movies for free. With the assist of this site, you can easily stream all the most recent and trending videos without any ad irritations. We strongly recommend you to give this excellent option a try.

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