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Wireless Communication: How It Becomes Part Of Everyday Vernacular?

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Wireless Communication: How It Becomes Part Of Everyday Vernacular?

According to a recent study, the number of Smartphone users has been reached to 4.60 BILLION and it is continuously increasing. A few decades ago, this data was much less as compared to now. The truth behind rigorously increasing the stats is “WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY”. 

It is something that changes everything and become part of every person’s life. Many breath-taking devices such as:

  • Smartphone
  • Wireless charger 
  • Automatic door locker 

Many more such amazing devices are present that you can install in your house to make your life more comfortable. Though it needs a small investment and you can either break your savings or asking for help. If you fail to get assistance in this way, then you can opt for a personal loanIt would be great if you approach online lenders in the UK instead of a traditional one. And you can use borrowed money to leverage these amazing wireless gadgets. 

Many people think that wireless means the device that draws power wirelessly. But wireless technology means there is no involvement of chords in transmission. Still, you have a doubt? Let’s understand more about it and discuss its benefits and more. 

What is wireless technology?

The most basic definition is wireless that refers to communication without the involvement of any wires and cables. 


Wireless is a broad term that encompasses all technologies and devices that prefer to send data over the air rather than through cables. In this, air becomes a medium. It may be shocking that how air could become a fictional wire. 

Let’s understand this is one line…

Information is transmitting over the air with the help of ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES such as radio frequencies, infrared and satellite. For example,

Do you know what radio is?

It is the technology of signaling and communicating using radio waves. And it is a device every people has used it. Whenever we want to listen to something we just rotate the wheel or adjust tuning and then hear our favourite songs. 

How does it work?

It works with the help of RADIO FREQUENCIES. Every channel has some fixed frequency. When you rotate the wheel or adjust it. Once it matches the frequency of the company, it will automatically turn ON. 

This wireless technology has brought a big change in the world. Let’s have a look at some famous examples of it. 

Cordless phones: TV remote control, radios, and GPS

Routers: Wireless mice, Wireless keyboards,  

Wireless charger: It is a wireless device but it does not involve any type of data transfer. You can simply charge your phone without any chord or wires. 

Let’s discussed the types of wireless communication technologies…

  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite
  • WLAN
  • Wi-Max

WiFi: It is used when you want to use the internet from other devices. You do not have to connect any wire. All you have to turn ON the hotspot and Wi-Fi. 

Satellite: Without this wireless technology, everything becomes myth. And this is the reason satellite is one of the important parts of this. It allows users to connect virtually anywhere on the earth. In this type of communication, satellite communicates with the orbiting satellite with the help of radio signals. 

WiMax: It is generally used in the case of web surfing. And this is the reason why devices are operated at high-speed networks. 

WLAN: It plays an important role when you want to connect multiple devices. 

How it brings revolution?

Wireless technology leaves a huge impact on ALMOST every sector. It includes health care, awareness, Protects the environment, and education. 

Health sector: Many remote regions exist where people were not receiving proper medical care. Lack of medicine supply and doctors were not able to identify the main cause of disease. But with the help of wireless tech, people are getting proper medical care. And this is why many regions got relief from several heinous diseases. 

Awareness: In earlier days, many people died because of natural calamity. The major reason behind death was lack of communication. People were not receiving any information about natural disasters in advance. 

After introducing the radio and a news channel through which people get alert messages in advance. And this is how they save their life. 

Protect the environment: With the help of technology, researchers can easily identify where species are endangered or going to extinct. These stats help to take some steps which can control death to old animals. 

Education: Practical learning is far better than theoretical learning. With the help of gadgets, students can analyse and learn things in a better way. This enhances the vision of school kids and makes studies interesting. 

You can see wireless communication has changed life and influence every category through education to alertness. Everything is now possible with a wireless communication system and without it, life will remain with nothing. 

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